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Parenting in this Particular Presidency

Dear Lochlan,

A picture of you from the most recent Women’s March just went viral. I have no idea who took the picture, who posted it, nor am I familiar with the sites on which it has made such an impact and yet, despite the trolls and their horrifying comments, I have to say, I’m glad it’s out there.

I believe your sweet face sitting so proudly on your Dad’s shoulders holding your homemade sign makes a clear and visceral statement about how our family, and many other families, feel about our current political leader. It’s not a rude sign. There’s no profanity. There’s nothing disrespectful to those on the other side of the aisle. It’s simply a statement of fact presented by the innocence of youth and, sometimes, amidst all the yelling and finger pointing and lying and bending of the truth, that’s all you really need to make your point.


When you and I sat down to make our signs I offered you a selection of options and this was the one you chose, the message that spoke to you, the one you could most honestly get behind and, I have to say, I don’t think you could have made a better decision.

The thing is, no matter who you voted for, the sign speaks to you. Whether you loathe the man or worship him, the message resonates. It doesn’t matter if you are ashamed and horrified or truly believe he’s “Making America Great Again”, this particular sentiment in the hands of a child makes you think and, I believe, that’s why it’s made such an impact.

The people who voted for this President have not elected a Leader. A Chairman of the Board maybe, a TV star for sure but, not a Leader. Not someone to look up to or aspire to be. Not someone who brings people together and solves problems. Not someone to respect or hope to emulate and, you have to admit whether you support him or not, you wouldn’t want your kids acting like him. To have them out in the world calling people losers and refusing to work with others? An untrustworthy person who say one thing one day and the complete opposite the next? No one wants to raise an whiny, self serving child who takes zero responsibility for their actions and blames their shortcomings on everyone else. And there isn’t a single parent out there who would proudly admit their offspring was a bully and a liar who believed people were disposable as soon as they couldn’t do anything for them.

No one wants to be the parent of the kid who pushes people out of the way so he’s in the front of the picture.

You have to watch out for people who have no real friends Lochlan. People who insist everyone agree with them and demand “loyalty” above all else. If you want people to respect you have to respect them. You aren’t better than anyone and you certainly can’t go around telling people you are. You’re not allowed to call people names or look down on those who haven’t had the same opportunities or luck as you. It’s what you have to give to the world not what world is expected to give to you.

It’s no secret I’ve been uncomfortable with this Presidency from Day One. For an extraordinary amount of reasons I believe this particular government is absolutely unfit to lead the country but, at the core of it, I think I deeply loathe the idea of “America First” and the foundational conceit that America is the “Greatest Country in the World”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the United States. I actively chose to be a citizen of this wonderful country. To leave my beautiful, safe, gun-hesitant, health care providing country of Canada to live and raise my family here. I adore what America is supposed to stand for, what it should represent. I will forever defend the ideals of truth and justice. I believe wholeheartedly in the pursuit of happiness and the idea that with enough hard work anyone from anywhere can make it to the top. I honor the Founding Fathers and their dream of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. I believe in this land of freedom, innovation and acceptance with the Statue of Liberty on it’s shore and the melting pot of cultures, causes and colors that make up it’s citizenship.

But we don’t have that anymore. Not under this leader. Not the way he behaves.

Imagine a child who marched onto the playground and said, “Yo, I’m here! I’m the richest, the biggest and the most powerful and I’ll be looking out for me. If you need my help, I’ll consider it if you offer me something good in return. If you get into fights I’ll intervene and decide who wins. Everyone needs to remember that I’m the greatest and the best and the most important and, if you don’t agree, I’ll destroy you. Also, you’re ugly and stupid and you’ll never be as good as me.”

Do you like that guy? No you hate that guy. Everybody hates that guy. Well, America is currently that guy. We’re basically the country equivalent of the lead asshole from the Karate Kid swanning around flipping our blond hair, treating women like s*&^ and kicking stranger’s asses for no reason.

That behavior is gross from a kid but it’s completely intolerable from a country.

Power must be balanced with humility. If you have more than most you must fight the conceit that could so easily overcome you. You must be grateful for the gifts and luck and help that got you where you are. You must look out for those who are weaker and use your power to help whenever you can. You may be truly remarkable and impressive but, swagger and vanity are deeply unattractive.

Nobody likes the guy screaming “I’m number one!”.

You should be able to look up to the President Lochlan or, at the very least, respect the office. You should be inspired and influenced by their desire to serve. You should hope to have a world leader whose qualities you’d want to emulate or aspire to but, sadly, that is not the world you’re growing up in. If you behaved like our current President, I’d be absolutely furious and truly disappointed in you. Just as I am in the man currently occupying the Oval Office.

You’re not even ten and you already have better morals and values than the leader of the free world. You respect people, people trust you, you admit mistakes, you seek forgiveness and you continue to learn.

No, you are not allowed to act like the President. If anything, he should act more like you.


American Democracy is Worth More Than One Man’s Ego

Hey All,

So, I’m clearly on a bit of train. I’m tired of this election. I’m tired of the baseness of it all. I’m tired of Donald Trump making up the rules as he goes along and then calling foul when he isn’t winning. It’s pathetic and small minded and transparent. But, he has followers. He has LOTS of followers. People who are angry, confused and dispossessed armed with Second Amendment laws that haven’t been adjusted in centuries who might very easily follow their leader’s words to their logical conclusion.

If their election is really being stolen from them by a corrupt political system and a falsified media isn’t it there patriotic duty to rise up in revolt? Donald Trump’s inability to lose with dignity could very well usher in a period of civil and political unrest the likes that most of us have only read about.

We have to remember our Democracy is, it itself, an experiment. Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the very workings of our system are still evolving.

The only reason our Democracy works at all is because we agree it does.

It’s like money. Money only has value is because we collective agree that this piece of paper or these numbers on a screen mean something. Because they don’t. They’re arbitrary.

It’s the collective belief that they do that makes it real.

Democracy is no different.

The only thing that keeps this enormous, polarized country together is the peaceful transfer of power. That we all agree that when our votes are counted and the results are in those are our leaders.

Regardless of your party affiliation you have to understand, if we start suggesting that election results are up for debate the very fabric of our country begins to decay.

The Editorial board of the Washington post wrote: “The GOP should at least find the decency, the patriotism to declare that everyone respect the results of November 8th. To pursue their protests and disputes through legals channels not on in the streets. Surely that is not too much to ask of them.”

I agree. It’s just all too much.

Thanks again for all your support.

xo leigh

I’ve reached my level of tolerance with this election.

Well, I’ve had it. This election has broken my tolerance switch. I’m incensed. I’m horrified. I am sickened for the country, for our future, for the world.

I know we can do so much better.

So, with the lack of any real power to fix it, I ranted.

Love to all. Don’t forget to vote.

xo leigh

What’s Up Democrats?

In light of today’s primary in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and the Dakotas, I thought I’d take a look at what’s eating the Democratic party and where their priorities lie…should lie?…in the wake of the Donald Trump alternative.

Also, Loch is one day away from being a 3rd Grader.


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Viewer Questions: Will Congress Choose the Next President?

Hello All!

New post this week is my first Viewer Question Segment regarding a piece that ran in the Huffington Post this week “Doomsday Savior? How Paul Ryan will Pick the Next President.”  and if something like that is really possible?

Quick Answer: Yes. More nuanced answer: watch this video:

Next week we will discuss the Electoral College and how it works.

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P.S. Lochlan Update: We’re on Spring Break now and we had the opportunity to go to the soft opening (meaning not yet officially open) of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and it was absoutely incredible. If you are a fan of the book and stories like our family. It is an absolute must do!!





Donald Trump v. The GOP

This is a big day in primary politics and who comes out on top will say a lot about how we move forward to the conventions in July. The biggest issue on the table is currently the Republican front runner Donald J. Trump and his war with the establishment and controlling players in his party. How will it all play out? Why should we care? What is it we should understand? It’s a super big deal and one worth paying attention to.

New post at or on YouTube:

Best to all!

Next week: The fallout from today’s results and where we go from here.

xo leigh

The Importance of the Supreme Court

As Super Tuesday’s results make the Presidential Nominees clearer and clearer, the Importance of the Supreme Court and, more specifically, who gets to nominate its justices becomes more and more important. New Politics Girl: The Importance of the Supreme Court: Part 1 is up on YouTube now. Part 2 will be up soon.

Up Next: Delegates and Super delegates and their effect on the Presidential Nominees.

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P.S. Loch update: He had to go to school today dressed as a “favorite literary character”. Since he was Harry Potter last year and, as he said, “There’s going to be like 20 Harry Potters…” he went as Joe Hardy from the Hardy Boys. Adorable 1950’s teenage sleuth.


New Video on Politics Girl

Hi All,

There is a new video up on YouTube – American Politics Names to Know: Part II. You can also see it at the top of the redesigned site:

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New Posts up on PoliticsGirl site

Hello all,

I’m not sure if you’ve been checking but there are some new videos up on the site. “Political Endorsements” and “People to Know American Politics: Part 1”. “People to Know American Politics: Part 2” should be up by Friday and I’m madly working on an extended piece on the death oftThe Supreme Court’s Antonin Scalia and what it all means for the Presidential Election in November and the country in general.

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My New Project!!

Hello Friends & Followers!

So, I told you I’d have a new adventure and here it is!

I’ve been working on a new project for quite a while and, though it’s not as perfect or polished as I’d like it to be, I figured it’s time to stop messing around and launch the darn thing already. So, without further ado, I give you the first episode of Politics Girl. Iowa caucus: Part I, II & III.

Yes, I know…right down to the wire on that one.

You can also access the episodes via the website at:

Basically, Politics Girl is my foray into vlogging (or video blogging) where I hope to break down political issues and candidates from a open minded perspective. Though I personally have strong political leanings, swaying people to my point of view is not the point of the website or channel. My goal, as lofty as it may be, is to truly reengage people with the political sphere using facts and not spin. Things have become so polarized, so hostile, so…let’s be honest…gross that people are simply checking out in order to save their own sanity. I understand that. There’s a saying I love that goes…“My desire to stay informed is directly challenged by my desire to stay sane.” 

It’s a quandary.

Our news stations are skewed, our inboxes are full, our lives are busy but, this stuff REALLY matters and we, as lucky democratic citizens, get to have a say. I know it’s easier to choose to ignore it but, ultimately, it’s not better. Not for us and not for the future of the country. Ignoring simply gives the people who are engaged way too much control. I believe we can do better and I think knowledge and understanding is the first step to that.

Now, I know that a website, vlog, blog, tumblr, twitter feed situation is a bit Millennial for a lot of us but, this is the new way to reach people and reaching people is truly my goal. Currently the website is in it’s infancy. I’ll be consistently adding new vlogs, blogs and definitions but, the twitter feed and tumblr account have been up and running for months and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to check them out, follow and, hopefully, pass them on to others.

So, that’s my spiel. I want to make politics, and the issues that come with it, easier to understand so people are more engaged and take that engagement all the way to the ballot box. If you’d like to support this endeavor please follow my channel on YouTube, my feed on Twitter and share, please share, with people you know. If you have questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try and answer them as thoughtfully as I can.

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